The Importance of Leak Detection in Food Packaging

Not many Canadian shoppers contemplate the specifics of food packaging when they’re out shopping. As long as the seal is tight, we just put it in the shopping basket and proceed to the next stand. We rarely think about the dangers of consuming spoilt products and the only way most of us can identify a spoilt product is only if it gives out a foul rotting smell. However, businesses that manufacture consumables for retail purposes have heavily invested in leak equipment that detects any openings that may allow disease-causing contaminants or impurities through the packaging.

Additionally, if a products seal is compromised, preservation contents within the packaging will escape, and this will significantly reduce the product’s shelf life. That is why seal integrity is the most critical quality control aspect of a company that manufactures retail products.

Source of Breaches

Seal integrity can be compromised in many ways. For instance, if the particles of the commodity in packaging come between the seal and the fray, they may leave a way for pollutants to get inside the package and contaminate the protective atmosphere. Seal integrity will also be compromised if there is a problem with the heating elements during the creation of a thermal seal.

Here are the key reasons why businesses must invest in a leak detection equipment for seal integrity.

Keeping the Consumer Safe

Consumers are the most important part of a successful business. Investing in the appropriate leak equipment helps a company maintain the production of safe commodities thus keeping complaints to a minimum. A single legitimate complaint from a consumer could ruin the business in so many levels.

Avoid Massive Recalls

If a product that is not properly sealed and the problem is identified, it may force the company to recall the entire batch. Recalls can be expensive but are necessary to reassure vendors and end consumer that the products are completely safe.

Avoid Possible Regulatory Action

The authorities responsible for inspecting the products and protecting consumers may call for regulatory actions against your company if the recall for the product is widespread. In addition to that, the company might find itself facing multiple lawsuits from individuals and consumer protection agencies.

Protect Your Brand

Protecting the reputation of your brand is imperative to the success of the business. Getting caught up in any of the messes described above could cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your firm.

You can avoid all the above unpleasant circumstances by making sure that your company to the necessary quality assurance and quality control practices. One sure-fire way to do that is to acquire high-quality leak equipment that can detect compromised packaging accurately and as quickly as possible before the products leave the warehouse.

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